Absence/absent - not present, something is missing, to feel that something is absent means knowing of its existence

Congress  – a formal meeting or series of meetings for discussion between delegates, especially those from a political party, trade union, or from within a particular sphere of activity.

Death - never the end of anything. Death as another way of relating to something and someone.Death as an occurrence that makes you to build another way of relationship, and as it is in human society - you can find and follow conventional ways of how to be with death and dead ones, and you can pay a closer look to those conventional ways to see from where they are coming from and what kind of values are they holding? It might be reasonable to do that to understand are you in fact agreeing with those values socially, emotionally and politically. Not relating to the death and the ones who have been called away by death is also a way of relating. It is also a way of control. The question is - what the dead ones or a dead one wants? How can we negotiate that? How is that relationship reflecting the values of the times of the funeral of modernism and post-modernism?

Erasure / erased - something being and then made into a not-being; there is not a nothing left behind, but an empty space marking what used to be before erasure.

Ghost – the soul or spirit of a dead person or animal, has not left, is still with us, can be made up

Longing - missing or remembering someone/something physically, yearning for the taste of someone/something.

Melancholy - a sweet longing for something that was at one point or could be at some point, tastes like cointreau.

Withdrawn - within solitude, next to something without being affected or affecting, within a protective bubble of a self-established environment.

The list is ongoing and should never be finished..