• 1 year of collaboration between the artists

  • 4 live residencies:
    one for working out common interests and research topics (2019 February)
    one for evolving those interest within the group (2019 June) 
    one for developing form (2019 August)
    one for developing content within the poetics of the developed form (2019 December)


  • 1 residency showing with live audience in Riga (2019 December)

  • Signing an agreement with Dirty Deal Teatro (Riga, Latvia) and Museum of Freedom and Occupation (Tallinn, Estonia) to bring out live work within the timeframe of December 2020-April 2021

  • Applying and receiving funding for  the second phase of research during the summer of 2020 to develop the work further


  • Developing the research through a two month long virtual residency = meetings through Skype/Zoom during
    July and August of 2020 involving 
    theoretical research and practice


  • Developing a virtual testimony of the residency to document and share the 


  • Project-managment for the near LIVE-future 

(Obscure) Future

  • First Developing and rehearsing period in November 2020

  • Second developing and rehearsing period in February-March 2021

  • Performing the 20 planned performances both in Latvia and Estonia from March 2021 onwards