meeting virtually (July#1)

Keywords appearing from a loosely structured talk:

A time of transition - Transitions of Political Systems & Regimes = from one to another = being in-between

Post-Soviet, Post-dictatorship, Post-Regime

(however: we're living with ghosts for decades?)


Generation of Freedom = Freedom is also a responsibility

Hereditary violence - how does violence transfer? 



The mother does not feed her child with her
milk to stop the transferring of violence.

metaphore of eating your children so they don't 

have to stay in the cage of the Soviet Union.


How do you make the violence stop? 
How do you make sure that the oppressing

regime does not inherit onto the next


 "Mothers milk" 
  Nora Ikstena

If I am like I am: full of anxiety, slave-mentality, anger, rage and fear, can we say that the occupation won?
If I have a list of he things that I would
take with me when I would be 
deported, can we say that the 
occupation won?
meeting virtually (july #2)

Key thoughts/interests that arose from

the conversation:

"Both theatre and dark tourism are haunted by absence and, each in their own manner, traffic in substitutes that attempt to make such absence present, to make it felt."

"Ethical spectatorship" Emma Willis



Coming back to the idea of transferring violence through mother's milk:  women's holocaust = witch-trials






Practices of resistance:

Rest as resistance
Care as resistance
Togetherness as resistance

Radical intimacy as resistance



"Maleus maleficarum -

the hammer of witches"


The generations of motherless

The generations of fatherless




    where is violence brewed? 


“We are the granddaughters of the witches you weren't able to burn.” Tish Thawer



Key topics:

Negotiation of space
Negotiation of power

Negotation of the borders of truth and fiction

meeting virtually (august #1)

Engagement with the work as it unfolds in performance, then, involves maintaining and moving between both real and imagined, inhabited and projected spectator positions. In the process of negotiating these shifts and intensities spectators are prompted to develop a hyper-self-consciousness concerning the different ethical positions and ramifications of these differing versions or roles.

"Fiction as a method"

Tim Etchells

I am me and you are my grandmother. This is

our kitchentable. You are crying and I'm

watching you cry. I have no idea why you're 

crying, but what I do know is that this

is the moment to be quiet and just slide

my hand towards yours and after a slight nod

given through your hand opening I understand that it's okay to put my hand in yours.

The form of "Physical fiction as method" =


re-positioning the bodies of the audience members into the imaginitive (story, place, moment)


Keywords: intimacy, proximity, negotiation

Togetherness not only in concept,

but also form: 

how can we include the audience with consent without asking for direct consent?

blood circulation 
of the  piece/the work



is a dialogue between two or more people or parties intended to reach a beneficial outcome over one or more issues where a conflict exists with respect to at least one of these issues

meeting virtually (august #2)

Key notions/topics:

Ways of creating collectiveness through actions by the audience
Dramaturgy through the actions



Janis: Imagination Chains

Barbara: Focus on scenography and aesthetics; how much of it is set? How much of it can be built up through actions?

Nahuel: Participatory storytelling

Katrina: Surprise as a catalyst


"The practice of Dramaturgy: 

Working on Actions in Performance"
Konstantina Georgelou

The Congress:



in the key of:

participatory storytelling

displacing bodies & minds

action chains

action aesthethics


Gives Birth






Tries out




Key topics:

Practicalities about funding
Practicalities with institutions
Preparing the residency November-December 2020: framework, schedule, form


meeting virtually (november #1)
Image by Eleventh Wave
  • Corona-proofing both the rehearsals and performances

  • Starting with devising a frame for working: working individually, in pairs, in a group

  • Investing time and resource to invent a performance design

  • Documenting the work-in-action, maybe it could be used later within the work

  • Games as a mode of working (f.e. story catcher game)

  • Starting point: the design of the performance

  • Working schedule: 11-17 (except Fridays)

Ideas for online/live work

  • Main question: amplifying the presence

  • Breakout rooms

  • Congress happening in many cities at the same time

  • Sending packages to people to participate

  • Getting ready as a ritual for going to the theatre